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How near the valve?

You will see the need to install Floodcheck as near as practical to the valve and before any joints, for maximum protection of the property. The 2.36″ we indicate is a suggested distance to allow for cutting then pipe and fitting the Ring Magnet. It is not critical.

Ring Magnet

These are installed before Floodcheck, primarily to reduce lime scale build up, and prevent any ferrous particles entering the valve and getting lodged inside.

Mechanical Filter

This is fitted inside the valve inlet as a precaution to prevent any stray particles over 1 mm entering the valve. This needs to be cleaned out occasionally. A reduction in the flow will indicate this need, but typically only after several years. Removal and cleaning takes just a few minutes.

Pressure Drop

There is no noticeable pressure drop across the Floodcheck. There is a small reduction in the total flow volume possible, typically less than 4%.


Virtually no ongoing maintenance is required, only as indicated above if the flow seems to be affected. We strongly advise testing the unit’s functionality at least once a year. This can be achieved by operating the manual on / off button on the remote controller, which takes about 20 seconds. Or a more thorough test by reducing the time out to 10 minutes (min fully anti clockwise) and leaving any tap running a little continuously in excess of 10 minutes.

Wet Pads

Wets Pads are small plastic molds with sensors which can detect even the smallest amount of water. The Wet Pad is about the length of a credit card. The first Wet Pad is wired into the back of the Remote Switch (only two wires), and placed anywhere around the property where a water leak could or might be expected, under the washing machine or dishwasher, under the stove, under the sink, bath etc.

Any number of Wet Pads can be fitted. Adding more is easy, wiring is also easy, just join them up in parallel. There is no voltage at all connected to the Wet Pads so it is completely safe. If any one of the Wet Pads get slightly damp it will set off a loud audible alarm inside the Remote Switch. It will also turn off the water supply until it is reset.

Floodcheck offers 24 hour protection against internal flooding by monitoring your water supply. To be used in conjunction with the Floodcheck Auto valve and Remote Switch, the Wet Pads provide leak detection and can be installed anywhere in the property.

Suitable for both residential and commercial properties, especially environments where there is a high risk of escape of water. The Wet Pads detect water through a sensor, which sends a signal to the Remote Switch, this will sound an alarm and shut off the water supply.

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Working Pressure

The valve has an operating requirement of approximately 29 psi (+2 bars), but will operate a little less than this. It is burst tested to 290 psi (20 bars) but certified at 145 psi (10 bars).

Operating Temperature

Although designed primarily for cold water supplies the valve has been tested and approved by WRAS to working temperatures between 39.2 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (3 to 63 degrees Celsius).

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Floodcheck has four main features:

  1. The Time Out Monitor
  2. Excess Flow Indicator
  3. Freeze Protection
  4. Non Use Detector

Floodcheck is easy to install.

Check out our installation guide on How to Install Floodcheck page.

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